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The company GENERI, Ltd. is the Czech specialist for:










AMPER 2017

About Generi


The company GENERI, s.r.o. produces explosion-proof electrical equipments.

The company was established in 1993 as the Czech manufacturer and now has up to 40 permanent employees. Products from GENERI, Ltd. are supplied according to the catalogue or are produced according to the individual customer requirement, so an optimal technical solution can be found.

The company is certified according to quality system ISO 9001:2001 and systems of other countries. All certificates you can find in section downloads.


The company GENERI, Ltd. is the Czech specialist for:

  • Explosion proof electrical equipment – MANUFACTURE
  • Repairs and consultancy concerning the explosion proof electrical equipment
  • Industrial electrical equipment – MANUFACTURE
  • Light fittings – explosion proof and industrial
  • Explosion proof plug and sockets
  • Trace heating systems, heaters – explosion proof and industrial
  • Protection boxes for instrumentation